Lamorindans Volunteer For Hurricane Relief

Update: Martin Healy of Lafayette and Albert Sebilia of Orinda are on their way to the Northeast on behalf of the American Red Cross.

Update, 8:30 a.m. Thursday, links to stories about hurricane aftermath in New York.

The East Coast is crying for disaster relief, and a couple of Lamorindans have answered the call.

On the list of 16 volunteers for the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter on their way east to provide support for flood and fire victims of Hurricane Sandy are Martin Healy of Lafayette and Albert Sebilia of Orinda.

“This response to Sandy is just getting started," stated Charley Shimanski, Senior Vice President of Disaster Services in a Red Cross news release. "The storm has left devastation in its wake and we will be helping people for weeks to come.”

If you want a glimpse into what life is like three days after freakish storms from a hurricane, check out some of the Patches in the New York-Jersey area. Here is Bed-Stuy Patch is in Brooklyn, N.Y.  On the fun side, here's a video on Nyack-Piermont Patch of a guy who decided to sample the post-hurricane breezes to wind-surf on the Hudson River.

Subways and public transportation are slowly coming back on line. The city of New York is mandating carpooling on motorists.


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