Home Prices, Sales Jump in Concord and Clayton

Clayton had the biggest increase in homes sold in November in the county, and Concord saw a surge of homes sold at higher prices. The most popular zip code in the city was 94521.

Clayton and Concord were popular places to buy a home in November, according to numbers released by DQNews.

Both cities experienced an increase in the number of homes sold as well as the median price. Countywide, Clayton had the biggest surge in sales, with 25 homes sold last month, representing an increase of more than 212 percent.

Around 176 homes were sold in Concord in November, with the 94521 zip code proving the most popular. The median home price in that area rose almost 22 percent to $325,000 to become Concord's most expensive neighborhood.

The highest price paid for a home was over $1 million for a house in Clayton. In Concord, the heftiest price tag was $777,500 for a five-bedroom home on Crystal Ranch Drive in the 94521 zip code.

Concord and Clayton Home Prices and Sales, November 2012

Community Zip Code Number Sold Percent Change Median Price Percent Change Highest Price Price Per Square Foot Percent Change Clayton 94517 25 212.5% $560,000 21.3% $1,066,500 $243 -0.3% Concord 94518 32 28% $312,500 15.5% $730,000 $215 19.8% Concord 94519 26 23.8% $305,500 22.2% $406,000 $246 43.7% Concord 94520 38 26.7% $179,000 87.4% $345,000 $170 -2% Concord 94521 80 42.9% $325,000 21.5% $777,500 $228 16.7%

In Contra Costa County, the highest price paid for a home was $2.5 million in Diablo. The least popular city, seeing the most dramatic decline in home sales, was Byron.

Why do you think Clayton and Concord were such popular cities to buy a home last month? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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