Frozen Turkeys Still Available But Time to Defrost Running Out

Depending on the weight of the bird, frozen turkeys can take days to defrost. Here's where to buy one in Concord how long it will take to defrost.

Concordians are buying up turkeys all over town. But for those planning on buying the less expensive frozen kind, time is running out to safely defrost the big bird before its appointment with the oven.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture website, the three safe ways to defrost a frozen turkey are either in the refrigerator, in cold water, or in the microwave.

If using the refrigerator method, you should allow 24 hours of defrosting time for every four to five pounds. 

If using the cold water method, cooks should allow up to 12 hours for the turkey to defrost depending on the weight.

If using a microwave the USDA recommends following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The cost of a turkey has increased this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, along with the price of the entire Thanksgiving meal. A 16-pound turkey will cost about $22.23 in 2012, AFBF said, at $1.39 a pound — up by about 4 cents per pound over last year. Turkeys purchased in Concord range from $.59 per pound to $1.99 per pound and more, depending on whether the bird is fresh, frozen or organic.

Where to Buy a Turkey in Concord

Trader Joe's on Concord Avenue and on Oak Grove Road have frozen turkeys for $1.99 per pound. They do not sell fresh turkeys.

Lucky says they have "plenty" of turkeys. Fresh turkeys start at $1.29 per pound, and frozen at $1.19 per pound.

Safeway stores on Clayton Road, Willow Pass Road and Monument Boulevard are selling frozen turkeys from $0.59 per pound, and for $1.99 per pound for fresh turkeys.

Grocery Outlet has sold out of all its turkeys.

Where did you buy your turkey and how much was it? Comment below and help keep this list up to date.

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J.M November 21, 2012 at 10:58 AM
Got a Foster Farms 'fresh' turkey at Food Maxx for $0.99/lb Tuesday afternoon.


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