Fans to Relive the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Drive-In

The Westwind Solano Drive-in will screen the cult classic on Friday evening for the first time since 1975. Do you remember seeing the movie's original run? Share your memories in the comments... and photos too, if you dare!

Concord is about to do the Time Warp again.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing at the Westwind Solano Drive-in Friday evening at midnight, and fans of the cult classic are being encouraged to fish out their fish nets and don their best killer heels for the occasion.

Not since it was first released in 1975 has The Rocky Horror Picture Show played on the outdoor screens of the Concord drive-in. 

In the decades since, the movie's tendency to keep popping up at theaters nationwide has given it the title of the longest-running release in film history. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has continued to attract a colorful fan base, eager to attend screenings in risqué costume and sing along to "Time Warp," "I Can Make You a Man" and "Sweet Transvestite," among the film's other musical numbers.

Do you remember seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the '70s? Did you dress up? Share your memories and what you love about the movie in the comments below. Feeling brave? Click "upload" to share a picture of your costume!


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