Concord's K-9 Teams — Officer Matt Switzer and Figo

Meet the K-9 teams of the Concord Police Department in this weekly Q&A. This week: Officer Matt Switzer reveals Figo's regal full name, which comes straight from his German roots.

The Concord Police Department has had a K-9 unit since 1965. Police dogs are used for narcotics detection, searches and protection work, as well as demonstrations at public events. Read more about CPD's K-9 unit on Concord Patch. 

There are currently six K-9 teams in the Concord Police Department, and each one will be profiled in this weekly feature. Today, meet Officer Matt Switzer and his K-9 Figo:

Officer name: Matthew D. Switzer

K-9 name: Figo Vom Schopperweg (Figo)

K-9 nickname: Figoso

How long you have been a police officer?: 10 years

Other PD assignments you have had/have: District officer and Patrol

How long you and your K-9 have been working together?: Three years

K-9 breed: German Shepherd

K-9 weight: 68 lbs

K-9 country of origin: Stockhaarig, Germany

K-9 command language: German

K-9 titles or certifications: Schutzand 2

K-9 favorite toy: Tennis balls

K-9 favorite play/off-duty activity: Figo likes to Play with retired K-9 Rosco and learning how to truly annoy his handler.

K-9 favorite treat: Milkbones

What is the best thing about being a CPD K-9 handler?: Knowing that your partner has allowed other officers to safely go home to their families.

What is the worst thing about being a CPD K-9 handler?: Absolutely nothing, I love everything about being a Handler.

What is one thing the public likely doesn't know about Police K-9s and/or the CPD K-9 unit?: The amount of hard work that goes into making a good handler and K-9 team work.

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