Neighbors in Need Today!

This week, while we all try to stay dry and warm and escape from this much needed rain, let’s take a moment to think about some of our neighbors who are not as lucky as we are. All around us people are struggling to reach independence and self-sufficiency, and often it’s just one small obstacle in their way.

Benevolent.net is a crowd-funding donation site where these striving individuals can tell their stories, share their goals, and receive help. Each need has been verified and posted by one of Benevolent’s local, Bay Area, nonprofit partners, who help fulfill the needs once funded.

Here are a few of the local postings that need your attention today:

Janet from San Leandro is a single mother trying to continue her education, support her family, and be a good example to her kids. A laptop computer will help her achieve her goals of independence.

Monica’s family, in Concord, are refugees trying to make a new start in the U.S. They need some furniture to turn their apartment into a home. 

Teresa from San Jose raised five children and escaped from domestic violence. Her goal is to purchase a taco cart to share her home cooking and become self-supporting.

You will find more local needs at “Benevolent by the Bay”, or just go to Benevolent.net and browse by need category to find somebody who could use your help today.


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