Assistance League® Way Side Inn Thrift Shop Gets a Makeover!

The calm before the storm belies the frenzy that will descend upon this well-known landmark during its Winter Clearance event.
The calm before the storm belies the frenzy that will descend upon this well-known landmark during its Winter Clearance event.

The dedicated member volunteers at Assistance League® Way Side Inn Thrift Shop, located at 3521 Golden Gate Way, in Lafayette, alert all of you wonderful supporters that the famous landmark will be closed on Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8 for the purpose of installing new carpet.  Yes, presentation is everything, and we all know how uplifting an improvement of any kind rejuvenates the spirit.  This slight inconvenience will reap great rewards; you can bank on that.

On Saturday, March 1, the Winter Clearance event will begin.  Prices reduced by 50% will usher in the March Madness.  What could possibly top that?  Add the fact that the thrift shop will be open on Monday, that’s right, Monday, March 3, again, with merchandise priced at 50%!  A return trip might be necessary; not to worry, the half off promotion will continue through Tuesday, March 4.  Finding closet space for your new wardrobe and accessories will definitely be a challenge, but a solution is at hand.  You might remove those items that you no longer use and donate them to the thrift shop, where the dedicated member volunteers will reward you with a tax donation receipt.

An additional reward will present itself on Wednesday, March 5, when every item lining the shelves and jamming the racks will be priced at $2.00 each.  Thursday, March 6 will launch the real power shopping-take no survivors- protective gear recommended endurance test, when you will fill a shopping bag for a mere $5.00.

You will undoubtedly need a four day weekend to recover from this windfall of retail therapy.  You might also credit yourself with a feel good moment when you realize how your support of Assistance League Way Side Inn Thrift Shop improves the lives of those in our community who are vulnerable.  Once refreshed, you will then be able to embrace the thrift shop’s Spring Merchandise promotion which will begin on Tuesday, March 11, when your feet will virtually flutter across newly installed carpet.

While the Way Side Inn Thrift Shop is the primary fundraiser for Assistance League of Diablo Valley, its Corporate Partners Program plays a significant role in funding the chapter’s eight philanthropic programs.  To learn more, please visit this website: diablovalley.assistanceleague.org.


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